Dyno Gallery


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Brake Framework

Brake and Drive Shaft System

Starter and Mechanical Tach Drive

Load Control Valves

Calibration Weight System

Unique Torque calibartion system utilizing metal weights actuated by air cylinder

Oil Cooler and Filtration

Dry Sump Oil Tank and Flowrator

Engine CV Joint

Drive shaft coupled using CV joints to minimaize vibration and harmonic conditions.

Drive Shaft with Safety Hoops

Drive shaft with tach drive and Starter System

Vibration Isolaters

Floor mounts isolate vibartion associated with engine minimizing transfer to floor

Front Engine Supports

Data Acquisition Components

Frant Cell Walls perforated for Ventilation

Large Holes for Increased Cell Ventilation

Unique exhaust built to replicate 1970's Chevrolet Truck system

Rear of Cell

Side View of Engine and Cradle

Two Piece Cradle

Picture shows pillow block mounts to allow cradle pivot

Cell Exhaust

Exhaust Support Track

Carb Air Hood



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