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Stahl Headers has been manufacturing quality race headers since 1963.  We earned our reputation by never compromising quality.  We have always been the leader in new concepts and designs.   Stahl invented the adjustable primary header concept in 1968, stepped headers in 1969, adapter flanges in 1971, exhaust reversion collectors in 1979, flow booster collectors in 1983, Stahl Y in 1990 and velocity boosters in 1991.

Stahl is "THE" performance-oriented header manufacturer and is NUMBER ONE for QUALITY and PERFORMANCE.  Based on thousands of dyno tests over the years we now know what area of the power curve headers affect the most.  If you want the finest quality headers manufactured for your vehicle, we will make them for you.  There is no stronger statement to emphasize the pride you feel in your puller, than equipping it with a Stahl header.


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