The Stahl Cam Story

From 1968 until 1974 we plotted and graphed over 285 SB Chev cams. This gave us some insight into application and design variations. It also made us aware of what would be required to get into the cam business properly. We bought our first cam grinder on Nov 1, 1983. By May of 1984 we thought the rebuild was complete and it was ready to go. We spent from then until Sept 1985 before the surface finish suited us and no cam left our door until that time.

Our cam design program came from Frank Speckhart, former consultant to Cam Dynamics. By early summer of 84 we also had the basic cam check software from Speckhart. The cam check machine became operational in Aug 84 and we were now experienced enough with the design program to turn out some useable designs.

A total of 6 man months of computer programming that went into the package of 7 programs that we use for one thing or another relative to cams. By early 1985 we had accumulated enough data from our cam check machine to give us some good guidelines. We then embarked on a stressful journey to find a way to make our masters in a precision fashion. Most of the company's who design their own cams make model cams either on a milling machine or on a precision tool grinder. They then mount the model cam on a shaft which they in turn mount in the cam grinder to copy to make a master. Needless to say there are many opportunities to make mistakes. I really admire the skill that some of those model makers have achieved. However, we elected to by pass the model stage and go directly to masters. Today, although the process is very costly, our models are made on a CNC grinder. As a result we have more accurate masters and more accurate cams.

In 1985 very few people had heard of Stahl Cams. In 1986 a few people that hold high creditability for Stahl Headers took a gamble and tried a Stahl Cam. In 1987 a few more took the gamble. By 1990, MOST hard core race engine builders will acknowledge Stahl Cams are the #1 quality cams. Many will agree we have the best valve train reliability, most power under a graphed horsepower curve and, most of all, drivers will acknowledge how smooth they are to drive.

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